CIXCI Founder and CEO, Alexander Phillips, simplifies the relationship between Wireless Carriers and Accessory Vendors

Leesburg, Virginia

Alexander Phillips, Founder and CEO at CIXCI, worked most of his career with a top Wireless Carrier. He noticed the struggle to increase revenue, product selection, and customer satisfaction. Alexander began identifying a better way of doing business for everyone. He approached this by expanding his relationships and connections and identifying how to cultivate the process.

His inspiration for CIXCI came from the inefficiencies and lost opportunities with the partnership between Wireless Carriers, Accessory Vendors, and their customers. This has generated a passion for streamlining the process, improving effectiveness, and the overall customer experience.

Alexander’s commitment includes changing the environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive regardless of their race, gender, and cultural beliefs. Ultimately removing limitations to create impact and generational legacy.

The goal is to deliver a platform that simplifies the current go to market process for Wireless Carriers and Accessory Venders. By creating this strategic partnership, he began the process of changing the way accessories are sold. Increasing brand presence, reducing inventory and marketing cost, and generating a revenue stream is their focus.

The pandemic has catapulted wireless capabilities and its accessories to be a necessity. CIXCI took the traditional relationship between Wireless Carriers and Accessory Vendors to enhance the customer experience.  Wireless Carriers offer the Top Brands, Top Trends and Newest Innovations in real time.  And Accessory Vendors expand into a larger audience which enables them to be a new participant in the shopping process.

The way we do business has changed and continues to do so. As a result, challenges arise that call for simplification. CIXCI is committed to strengthening perspectives that empowers the freedom to adapt to that change. To be able to go past what is believed to be impossible.

The challenge most carriers face when selling accessories is the process of selling accessories. Streamlining the process between accessory vendors and wireless carriers is essential to stay competitive within the accessory market. The value Wireless Carriers bring to their customers regarding their accessory needs, should be no different than the value they provide for their mobile devices and rate plan needs. Improving their accessory portfolio can enhance their customers mobile shopping experience, in return increasing revenue and brand loyalty.

CIXCI is a certified Small, Women and Minority-Owned (SWaM) organization and is a member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).

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